Adoption Family Finder

Helping those separated by adoption find their biological family.

Adoption Family Finder was formed to assist adoptees and their biological family find each other and complete successful reunions. That said, there are several different types of services we can offer to you to help you achieve your goal.


Knowing where to start is probably the biggest obstacle. Chances are good that your family is looking for you too. Getting your information out there so that they can find it is crucial. We provide an avenue for you and your family to get started on the path to finding each other. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, to be successful, you must be proactive!


Adoption Family Finder began with the concept of providing awareness and resources for those affected by adoption. This has gradually developed into a portal for assistance to the adoptee and family members. A desire for instruction and research services for many has also been constructed. The following services are available now and more will be coming online soon.






An adoption story gives you a place to tell your story, one that is unique to you and
only your family will know the details this way, anyone searching can find someone with
a story posted and make a connection. We will provide a way for your family member to
contact you without exposing your contact information. You can then respond to them directly.
It's a small price to pay for the your own webpage with your own unique story.



Getting your results back can be confusing. You can have your results reviewed and
will recieve some direction on what to do next. We'll analyze what matches you have
and help you get started. Normally this can be done in a few hours and you'll be on
your way to making connections with family.



Building a family tree is usually a lot of fun. There are some pitfalls that can
easily derail your tree. The information you build on needs to be concrete. Your
family tree can be up and running for you within a couple of days. Using your DNA
test results, we can help you start getting answers and making connections.



Since you will be receiving new matches every week, maintenance of your project and
results is absolutely necessary. This package will provide 10 hours of research spread
over the calendar month either on tree maintenance or DNA analysis and research.

Coming Soon