Adoption Family Finder

Helping those separated by adoption find their biological family.

Adoptees have long been denied the right to know their ethnicity, hetitage, medical issues, and more. It is time for the archaic laws that have legally stolen our identities to be reformed and return to us all that was taken from us at birth.


In the darkest hours of the night, the adopted child lies awake wondering "Where is my family?". There is no comfort, just confusion and sadness. This brings with it a sense of abandonment. Even in the best of adoptive homes, the adopted child still knows it is not where they belong. They want and need answers. When the child grows to adulthood, they carry this with them throughout their lives and it can lead to emotional and relationship issues. When that adopted child goes looking for answers, the majority are met with the words DENIED! It is time for hope and healing. It is time for change.

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