Adoption Family Finder

Helping those separated by adoption find their biological family.


Adoption Family Finder was founded by an adoptee searching for her own biological family. Frustrated by the lack of assistance given to adoptees by those departments and agencies professing to assist those adoptees in need, Adoption Family Finder was born.

Finding answers about our heredity, ethnicity, and medical issues is critical to our emotional and mental wellbeing. This information that many take for granted, opens a whole new world to us. It helps us understand much about ourselves that until this time makes us question why we do and think things a certain way.

While not all adoptee reunions are happy ones, they at least give us closure from the torment of not knowing how and why we got to this place in life.

Getting Results

Adoption Family Finder's mission is to help adoptees find answers to their adoption questions. The website is not only for adoptees but their biological family as well. People separated by adoption can spend a lifetime searching for each other to no avail. It is our hope that with the sharing of how to information and publishing of stories written by adoptees and biological parents, many more adoption reunions can take place.

Adoptees and biological relatives can publish their adoption story on this website. With people searching every day, the liklihood of being found increases. By posting your story, we can generate awareness for our plight and bring about changes in legislation that can help us all.

How You Can Help

There is much to be done to help the adopted person. Everyone possesses different abilities, time, talent, funds. You can help our cause in any of the following ways:

To all of my adopted bretheren, tomorrow is a new day and one possibly with the answers you have been awaiting. Hold your head high and keep looking to the future reunion with your family. Do what you can each and every day to increase your chances of success!
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