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Adoptee Details

Informant: Birth Parent
Birth: July 19, 1969, McGee Women's Hospital, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
Sex: Female
Single or Multiple birth: Single
Race/Ethnicity: White
Family Surname:
Mother's Maiden Surname: Susan Jane Keefer
Father's Surname: Unknown
DNA Tests taken: None
Stories related to: None

My Adoption Story

My name is Susan Bailey (Susan Jane Keefer) I was born in Wheeling, WV, March 1, 1950. I became pregnant and was sent to Booth Memorial Unwed Mothers Home and delivered a baby girl at McGee Women's hospital in Pittsburgh, PA on July 19, 1969. I had a social worker from WV and after delivery my baby was taken to Wheeling and adopted to a family in early 1970. I was not told anything about foster homes. My case worker had given me the back ground of the couple that was adopting my daughter.

Searching for Family

Two years ago when I asked for my information I noticed I was lied to about who adopted my daughter and was not told because they didn't want to upset me. I petitioned the Wheeling Courts and was denied to open sealed records. My situtation is a little different because two states are involved. I do have a file # in which ALL the info is in. Everyone in the county bldg has access to this info but I do not. When my daughter Michelle Lee Keefer was adopted I am told a birth certificate would have had to have been amended. When Michelle turned 18, I started looking for her and have done all I can do until she or her parents that adopted her search for me. If anyone can help me in any way please contact me 903-667-0032. I have birth pictures and her footprints and medical records from McGee Women's Hospital. Thanking ALL in advance.

Reunion Goal

I love you, Michelle and I won't give up. There are letters for the adoptive parents and birthday cards in her record that I have taken to the courthouse and asked them to be placed in her file. I now live in TX.

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