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Adoptee Details

Informant: Self
Birth: May 7, 1970, Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida, USA
Sex: Female
Single or Multiple birth: Single
Race/Ethnicity: White
Mother's Maiden Surname: Unknown
Father's Surname: Unknown
DNA Tests taken: 23andMe
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My Adoption Story

Female born St Petersburg, FL, May 7, 1970 per ammended birth certificate. My adoptive parentes received me Sept 11, 1970. CHS of West Palm Beach was used along with a private attorney who is now deceased.

Searching for Family

I Call yearly to the state of FL..and CHS.... No one can ever find a single record...of even a birth on or near the date given. 23andMe gave distant cousins only, with no responses. Do believe I am registered on every site possible....if I had the funds, I would do the Ancesrty DNA test, but have several surgeries the last few years, the funds just don't allow it. I have spent hours, days, weeks, months, I'm certain....trying since I turned 18.....

Reunion Goal

Would love to thank my birth mother for her unselfish gift and assure her...I was worth the pain! Much love to whom ever she is, and a father I am sure my son would resemble! Laura

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