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Adoptee Details

Informant: Self
Birth: January 28, 1948, Genesee Hospital, Rochester, Sevier, Tennessee, USA
Sex: Female
Single or Multiple birth: Single
Race/Ethnicity: White
Mother's Maiden Surname: Taylor
Father's Surname: Unknown
DNA Tests taken: None
Stories related to: None

My Adoption Story

I have found my mother with help of my search angel in March of 2015 and extended family in Danville NY. Also found my half brother in Indiana but he does not want contact. I would like to do DNA to possibly locate my father and his family members. I do not know his name but he is more than likely from the Rochester, NY area. Thanks to all viewing my story!

Searching for Family

I searched for my family for 45yrs and found my mother and her side of my family with the help of my wonderful search angel. I have no name for my father, am hoping for DNA to locate him.

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